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The Narrative of Poverty- 25th August 



How much do we really know about poverty?
We see that it affects millions of people across the world, and yet we seem to think about poverty as a phenomenon of the third world, far away from the ongoings of our urban lives.

So why is it that we so often neglect the struggles and suffering going on under our very noses?

Feel.Think.Flow is back for 2018, and this time we’re looking at poverty in the third world AND the first world. In collaboration with Linguists Interpreting Nuanced Garbling – LING, we are proud to present to you FTF Summit 2k18 – The Narrative of Poverty

Join us as we take a bigger step into the lived experiences of poverty, the social discourses constructed around it and how various legal and economic systems interact with poverty.

The event will feature three prominent speakers on the subject. Participants will also be involved in a panel discussion regarding the various forms of aid and alleviation programs across the world. The keystone event will be an Interactive Political Simulation (IPS), where you will be stepping into the shoes of major stakeholders in Malawi, and apply all you have learnt throughout the day.

The summit will take place at the University of Melbourne in the Arts West building, on Saturday the 25th of August.

Entry is free and lunch will also be provided!
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