Executive Team

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Tiger is currently completing his third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne, also working as the President of their undergraduate linguistics society.
Over the years, Tiger has become increasingly impassioned and more engaged with the nuances of political and social issues, and his enthusiasm for youth education has only grown. His research into pedagogical phenomena and experience with hands-on teaching has given him perspective, which he applies wholeheartedly to his work at FTF.

Tiger has been with Feel.Think.Flow since its earliest days, with his passion and experience growing alongside the organisation. He worked as a Project Manager in 2015 and 2016, seeing FTF through two successful summits. In 2017, he assumed the role of Summit Convenor for FTF’s collaborative event: Women in the Developing World.
This year, he will lead the organisation as its President, continuing to work through the educational inequity underpinning Melbourne’s academic systems.

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First hearing of FTF at a collaborative Environmental Conference, Elizabeth had found herself an outlet for her interest in social justice. Her experience with a variety of educational systems has solidified her opinion that the key to enacting change lies in proper education. FTF’s philosophy and core beliefs resonate strongly with Elizabeth, and she urges anyone of similar ambition to start working now, and even attend one of FTF’s workshops!
Starting as a general committee member in 2016, Elizabeth became a pivotal member of FTF in 2017, working as a Summit Convenor for our collaborative workshop: “Women in the Developing World.”
This year, she is working as Feel.Think.Flow’s secretary, handling internal and external administration and communications.


Content Manager

Damoon joined Feel.Think.Flow with a single goal in mind; to unite a community of passionate individuals and work on social, political and economic issues.
Since joining our team in 2016, he has seen that goal come into fruition, with FTF growing into a strong team of well-rounded, well-researched and, most importantly, powerfully driven students. Damoon feels that having a team comprised of students is what gives us an edge in working with our target audience, as it allows us both perspective and comprehension. Our workshops are usually based on the gaps in our own knowledge, which are then thoroughly filled over months of research.

This year, Damoon is working as Feel.Think.Flow’s Content Manager, and he hopes to see us tackle broader issues and bring them to Melbournian high schools.


Public Liaison Officer

Srishti is currently pursuing her Nursing degree, driven by her passion for health, social issues and altruistic action. Srishti also has a keen interest in politics and humanitarian work, and holds close the belief that raising awareness is the first step to bettering our world.
Her experience with various volunteer groups and initiatives has only served to strengthen her faith in the power of youth voice, and she hopes to continue encouraging discussion with her work at Feel.Think.Flow.
With a year working as a Schools Ambassador under her belt, Srishti is now working as Feel.Think.Flow’s Public Liaison Officer, opening communications and fostering professional relationships with Melbourne’s schools, universities and like-minded humanitarian organisations.

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Silas is in his third and final year of Computer Science and Cybersecurity at Swinburne University and is passionate about anything tech related.
As one of the Co-Founders of Feel.Think.Flow, Silas has seen the organisation grow from the ground up, from a fledging literary journal to a full, student-run youth think tank. From the beginning, he has been involved in the logistics, project management and technology side of FTF and its events. He believes that it is vital for students to have an in-depth and well-rounded understanding on the many issues facing the Australian, and international, community.
Silas is working as Feel.Think.Flow’s treasurer this year.

General Team


Having joined Feel.Think.Flow for our 2015 Refugee Summit, Mukund has since become an integral part of our team. He is concurrently completing an Engineering degree at RMIT University.
Mukund is driven by his passion for global issues and desire for education. He hopes to extend that passion to his peers and to future students, and in doing so, spark conversations about the issues in modern society. Mukund holds true to the belief that no opinion should be defined by social pressures; rather, everyone should work to build their own informed opinions.
Mukund is Feel.Think.Flow’s IT Officer, and is handling everything technology related for our work this year.


Sajini is currently completing her third year of studies in Law and International Relations at La Trobe University. Her passion for human rights and international affairs drives her continued work at Feel.Think.Flow, where she thrives on the challenges of humanitarian work. Sajini hopes to soon see FTF engaging with a broader demographic, ensuring that the youth of today are well connected to international affairs and human rights policy.
Sajini is working as FTF’s Legal Advisor this year, overseeing Feel.Think.Flow’s continued growth and development as a legal entity.


Grace is an economics and gender studies student, a self proclaimed social media expert and an avid purveyor of “dank memes”. Grace joined FTF in order to promote youth engagement with politics and social issues, an area that occupies a special space in her heart (right next to Avatar: the last airbender).
This year, Grace is working as Feel.Think.Flow’s Media Officer, her responsibilities including online engagement, the management of our social media accounts (follow us on Fb and Insta) and liaison with local news and media outlets.

Advisory Board


Learning and education have always been passionate topics for Keerat, a third year science student at Monash University.
Beyond the intricacies of human biology, Keerat also loves investigating the subtler workings of society. She is particularly interested in the variety of factors, such as media influence or technological development, that shape the issues we face today.
With 2 years of experience as a Project Manager at Feel.Think.Flow, Keerat has worked with hundreds of students and plentiful organisations beside. With high aspirations for Melbourne’s youth, she hopes to continue improving upon FTF’s work, allowing more students to take the first steps forward to global awareness.
Keerat is working as a member of Feel.Think.Flow’s Advisory board this year.

Medicine Students, Monash University, 2017

With a keen passion for learning, Pravik was a Founding Member of Feel.Think.Flow and is working on our Advisory board this year.
He studies Medicine and Philosophy at Monash University and loves ideas, books, people, books, doing things, and books. Did we mention he likes to read? Having seen Feel.Think.Flow rise from nothingness in 2014 and knock out three powerful summits since, Pravik can’t wait to see what new heights will be reached in 2018.