Create your own legacy.

Feel.Think.Flow’s dedicated team has worked and inspired hundreds of students across the country. Here’s just some of the work you could be doing if you join our team:

    • Convene workshops with high school and university students on global issues

    • Speak at conferences and schools across the state on the topic of youth empowerment

    • Coordinate relationships with charities and organisations in our influential corporate network

    • Manage an extensive sponsorship budget

    • Gain events management experience through our flagship summits, attended by 100+ students every year

    • Direct a social media presence that routinely reaches thousands of youth across Australia


Interested? See our available positions here

In 2017, we are looking for fresh faces to join our Main Committee. In parallel to the main committee, the Advisory Team will be made up of former Feel.Think.Flow committee members who will provide oversight and guidance to the Main Committee.

Your Role

The Summit Conveners are largely responsible for managing the affairs of the Feel.Think.Flow team as a whole. As a Summit Convener, you’ll be leading the team’s efforts and work whilst regularly reporting to the Advisory Team. You’ll have the opportunity to provide strategies to improve the efficacy of the Feel.Think.Flow team, and show leadership in keeping everything running on track. Leadership experience is highly preferred. Expect around 8 work-hours per week.

Your Responsibilities

● Managing the progress of the Feel.Think.Flow team and Summit 2017

● Delegating deadlines for tasks to the rest of the team and following up on them

● Devising new solutions for the Main Committee based on progress and performance of the team

● Facilitating the connection between the Main Committee and the Advisory Team (including regularly reporting committee progress to the Advisory Team)

Your Role

The Content Strategists are responsible for providing the main political, historical and cultural information that will be featured at the summit. As a Content Strategist, you’ll lead the Feel.Think.Flow team in comprehending and laying out the topics for our events, and assist in applying that knowledge to other committee members’ respective work. You will be expected to research thoroughly for the many topics we’ll be covering at our events. Expect around 7 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Researching and providing the content for Feel.Think.Flow events

● Acting as the authority on political, historical and cultural information that will feature in our events and make sure the rest of the team is updated on this information

● Strategising ways in which we can develop and teach the content in our summits and workshops

● Providing content for multimedia promotional materials

Your Role

The Logistics Directors are responsible for executing the crucial event-preparation tasks of Feel.Think.Flow. This includes summit organisation, venue-hiring, and catering services for our events. As a Logistics Director, you are expected to lead the team on all these fronts, providing the crucial backbone for both event planning as well as on-the-day event execution. Expect around 6 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Finding appropriate venue and catering for Feel.Think.Flow events

● Making sure that all the teams are staying on track in terms of logistical work, and suggesting changes to logistical approaches based on performance and progress

● Ensuring the stability of on the day logistical tasks on the Summit and Workshop, including venue organization, time allocations for speakers, etc,

Your Role

The Marketing Directors are responsible for expanding the reach of Feel.Think.Flow promotions. As a Marketing Director, you are expected to work with other team members (particularly the Creative Directors and Content Directors) in identifying the demographics we appeal to, and therefore the appropriate strategies needed to reach them. Experience with social media is preferred.

Expect around 4 week-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Managing Feel.Think.Flow’s extensive social media network

● Working with the Creative Directors and Content Strategists in making sure that the multimedia used for promotion is viable for our targeted audiences

● Planning projections and aims for marketing outreach

● Working with the Public Relations Officers in forging relationships with other organisations to expand our marketing base

Your Role

The Sponsorship Directors are responsible for securing funding and partnerships for Feel.Think.Flow events. As a Sponsorship Director, you’ll be working with the team members to ensure that our public image remains viable for sponsorship. You’ll be in charge of finding and approaching organisations that will accept partnering with us for funding and logistical interests. Expect around 4 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Researching potential sources of funding

● Securing funding for our Feel.Think.Flow events by approaching potential sponsors

● Strategising ways in which Feel.Think.Flow can be more appealing to potential sponsors

Your Role

The Public Relations Officers are responsible for ensuring Feel.Think.Flow has a fresh and appealing public profile for partnerships with other organisations. As a Public Relations Officer, you’ll be working with other team members (particularly the Marketing Directors and Sponsorship Directors) to ensure that we can secure further relationships with other organisations through our materials and spending. Expect around 4 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Strategising ways in which we can secure beneficial relationships with other organisations

● Focussing on the public image of Feel.Think.Flow and recommend changes to team actions of Feel.Think.Flow in accordance to this

● Evaluating the impact we’re having within our social community

● Finding and approaching other organisations who would want association with an organisation like Feel.Think.Flow

Your Role

The School Ambassadors are responsible for forging relationships with high schools, in order to maximise the reach of Feel.Think.Flow. As a School Ambassador, you’ll be working with other team members (particularly the Marketing Directors and Public Relations Officers) to ensure that our promotions are optimised for high school partnerships. You’ll drive both communications and direct promotion between Feel.Think.Flow and high schools.

Expect around 5 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Identifying and approaching high schools for Feel.Think.Flow to partner with or promote to

● Finding innovative ways our organisation can better appeal to high schools

● Gaining access to high school assemblies and meetings for Feel.Think.Flow to present at, and organising these presentations together with the rest of the team

Your Role

The Website Manager is responsible for managing and updating our website, As the Website Manager, you’ll be working with the rest of the team to ensure that our content and event updates are updated on the website. You’ll also be the primary driver in creatively designing our website to facilitate our brand. WordPress knowledge is required, HTML, CSS, and SEO highly preferred. Expect around 3 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Updating our website and ensuring that it remains viable in promoting our work

● Strategising our Feel.Think.Flow brand, ensuring it is reflected on and working with the rest of the team in reinforcing it

Your Role

The Legal Officer is responsible for managing the legal affairs of our organisation. As the Legal Officer, you’ll be ensuring that our decisions and actions remain within legal boundaries, providing legal oversight to many team members (including Logistics Directors, Public Relations Officers, Marketing Directors, and Sponsorship Directors). You will also drive the research and approach for securing our legal status as a non-profit organisation.

Expect around 3 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Providing legal oversight for Feel.Think.Flow’s promotion methods and logistical affairs

● Providing legal oversight in our relations with other organisations, sponsors and schools

● Facilitating pathways in securing our legal status as a non-profit organisation

Your Role

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial resources of Feel.Think.Flow. As the Treasurer, you’ll be working with the other team members (particularly the Logistics Directors and Sponsorship Directors) to ensure that our funding is maximised and fits our budget. You’ll be expected to work on creating and managing a budget for our organisation that suits our needs.
Expect around 4 work-hours per week.

Your responsibilities

● Developing a budget for Feel.Think.Flow that is realistic and fitting for our events

● Monitoring and evaluating financial progress

● Managing the spending of our organisation

● Reporting to the Advisory Team on financial updates and concerns

Applying for positions is a simple two step process

1. Email us your resume at In addition to this, attach responses to the following questions.

a) Your name, contact number, course currently studying, and the position/s you are applying for (up to 3 ordered positions)

b) What skills do you believe you have to suit this role (or roles)? (250 words max)

c) Share your top three time management tips (50 words max per tip)

d) Imagine you had to choose a topic for our next summit. Write a paragraph convincing us of your choice of issue, and why you are passionate about it. (300 words)

2. Interview

If we like your responses, we will get in contact with you shortly to organise an interview. Interviews will be brief and casual, so don’t stress! 🙂

Applications close Monday 24th April at 11:59pm – email soon to avoid missing out!