About Us

Feel.Think.Flow is a grassroots initiative that seeks to encourage youth participation and engagement in the humanities. We create passion about the issues that matter.


We believe that every student should have the opportunity to be educated about the world around them. Over the past three years, we’ve inspired hundreds of students across Melbourne to get thinking about global issues, tackling topics as diverse as immigration policy, the Iranian Revolution, and the rise of populist-nationalist movements around the world.

Our “Charity Engagement Sessions” allow students to connect with charities and organisations across the state, and our flagship “International Political Simulations” give participants the chance to feel what it is like to be in the shoes of our lawmakers.

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  • “The speakers were really engaging. I loved everything!”

    Our 2016 Summit - "The Modern Middle East", featured a diverse range of speakers, including Sherene Hassan, Director of the Islamic Museum of Australia

  • “Summit 2015 was eye opening, insightful, and highly inspiring”

    Immigration is a hot topic in Australian politics, and that's why we chose refugees as the topic of our 2015 summit.

  • “This has bettered my understanding of a complex situation so thank you! I can go back to school and correct my teacher now!”

    Learning about global issues doesn't need to be boring. Find out more about how we create engagement and interaction.